Rack City is from the makers of other known products such as Barely Legal, Dose, Express, and High Octane. Rack City is 50 state legal and completely cannabinoid free (whether that’s good or bad is subjective).

It comes in 7 different aromas or flavors: Original, Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Mango, Kush, and Blueberry.

Unfortunately, I was only able to try the original. Original does not have much a smell. It smells leafy, green, very flora. It is not unpleasant at all, just fairly vanilla. As per usual, the scent is subdued, hardly noticeable. One must be extremely close to the incense in order to smell it.

When lighting and smoking, again, there is a slight aroma. Much better (obviously) than cigarette smoke. It is a lofty smoke, that seems to linger in the area, and take it’s sweet time in it’s departure. The scent left behind is a soft, sweet, overall pleasant and enjoyable one. I imagine the flavored ones would leave behind the very same, with a small touch of fruit.

Rack City is actually fairly new, and increasing in popularity. In fact, I had actually ordered something else, it turned up out of stock, and they offered this as a replacement. I figured, why not? Since it’s new(er), there isn’t many reviews out there describing the effects. Obviously, since there are no cannabinoids, it’s a relaxing, enjoyable, low-key time. You need not worry about smoking too much and thinking you’re going to die. There is little anxiety associated with it. Actually, I think it lessens anxiety, and lowers inhibitions just a bit. Usually, I don’t talk much, not that I’m shy, I’m just laid back. I like listening, and offering my advice when it’s asked of. After smoking, I found myself being much more sarcastic and condescending. Challenging people. All in fun, but it’s great seeing how they react when you call them on something.

It smokes pretty fast, but it only takes one or two nice big bowls (more if you…just want to) to feel good. It gives a calm, relaxing state of mind, and there is a nice body high that goes along with it. These effects begin almost immediately, and last for about an hour. After that hour, you still feel pretty good. The afterglow. You still get the munchies. You’re lazy. You’re content and happy. It’s really a nice blend. I suggest you try it out. Nothing to lose! The more you try, the more you’ll experience, and the more you’ll be able to impart upon the rest of us!

As of now, it’s available in 3g packages, which range from 12.99 to 14.99.