Blue Dream comes from KannaBliss Herbal Incense, who have some very extremely potent products and at very reasonable prices. Though it is true they offer only a few select products, all of which are quite good to say the least. Like the adage says, “it’s quality not quantity”.

Blue Dream is an aromatic incense, and as one may guess given it’s name, it’s most notable scent is one of blueberry, with underlying floral scents. To this day, it is honestly the best smelling herb that I have smelled. Once you’re done admiring it, fondling it, sniffing it, or whatever else it is you do with your incense,  the product is ready to tested. It should come as no surprise that when enjoying the product, it is every bit as good, if not better, than the sweet scent given off by the precious incense.

Blue Dream contains JWH-210 and AM-2201. This was also my very first time trying any sort of legal spice , so I really didn’t know how much to smoke. I had been told to take it slow, but rarely do I heed such advice. I remember smoking like 3 bowls, and I was gone. I had Pandora on, and each song led so perfectly into the other, I could sense every organism and microorganism, I knew that I was just another one of them. Put on this earth to do some menial task, that we all exist for a purpose. Some for success and grandeur, others for mediocrity. It matters not. Everything was put into perspective, and everyone was as equals, for we are all simply a miniscule part of the entire universe. It was as if I transcended our forced, fake “reality”, and I was seeing the world clearly, with no blinders.

The effects come on slowly at first, but increase in how quickly they come on not long after you initially started. It starts with a warm, tingling, very enjoyable body high, and then goes into the mental side of things. Music is much more pronounced, you will have closed-eye visuals (some report visuals with their eyes open). The music ebbs and flows, taking you on a wild journey through your own psyche. Time is distorted. It seems as if you have lived an entire life, or at least a good 45 minutes, but when mental high starts slowly diminishing, you realize it was probably only about 10 to 15 minutes. At this point, it’s almost a reversal. Your warm and tingly feelings return, you feel drowsy and sluggish but in a good way, and at peace. Content just being, enjoying the way this fine plant makes you feel. This body high lasts a good 3-4 hours. You can of course, continually keep smoking if you wish, in which case the cycle would repeat. It’s an experience very difficult to explain. It is one experience that you must see, hear, and feel for yourself.

To touch a little on the manufacturer, KannaBliss Herbal, in my experiences it is hands down one of the best run, professional companies that you can choose. While the website may not appear all glitzy and glamorous, that hardly matters. No amount of cool web features make up for a less than stellar product. The website is easy to navigate through, everything is neat and orderly and can clearly be seen. Not only is the product great, but the customer service is very good. If you have any issues with your order, or any questions you would like to have answered, you can fill out a question form, or directly email, and the problems will be resolved or the questions answered in a record time. And speaking of record time, the shipping is also far above what some would expect from a multimillion dollar company. Shipping generally takes 2-3 days, which is fairly quick when compared to other companies taking 5-6. The product is nicely sealed in a  bubble wrap envelope to make certain no damage comes to the product. I have never had a negative experience with KannaBliss, nor have I ever even come close. It is far and away some of the best handling of a company. I would, without hesitation, recommend ordering from KannaBliss to anyone who asks. And those who ask, I make certain to highlight just how efficient, professional, timely, and customer considerate they are.

As stated above, Blue Dream from KannaBliss Herbal Incense was my very first experience with any sort of Herbal incense, and even so, it still remains my very favorite. I have not yet had an opportunity to try all of the other products, but I certainly intend on doing so, and to be perfectly candid, I don’t think I’m the only who should…*hint hint, nudge nudge*     ;3

Blue Dream as well as Malibu Fire are the two “standards” if you will of the KannaBliss products. Meaning they are of medium strength (which is honestly much more than any old medium strength), and are priced very reasonably. The strong choices include Granddaddy Purple and Malibu Fire – Special Reserve. They contain larger amounts of the legal cannabinoids in addition to a few specific ones that the other blends do not contain. Given they are more powerful, they are more expensive, but remain a great value. Whichever blend you go with, as long as it’s from KannaBliss Herbal Incense, you will be getting substantially MORE than your money’s worth. I guarantee it.

The Blue Dream prices are as follows: $16.99 for 3.5g, and $109.99 for 28g, and with the purchase of two or more of the same product, the price per unit goes down, which is a nice gesture by the fine folk at KannaBliss.

Another example of the customer care they place such a high presidence on is the fact that you are able to request a free sample before ordering to see if it’s to your tastes (which I’m positive it will be). The fact they are so confident in their products that they offer free samples knowing full well the customers will become longtime and faithful patrons. I know I have. In fact on the home page, they have in bold letters, this guarantee:

“Our guarantee: if you are not delighted with our herbal incense please return for a full refund.”

It is a win/win situation. A win for you, as you’ll be getting an exquisite product, and a win for KannaBliss in that they will be gaining an exquisite customer.

In closing, I must reiterate the fact that not only is the product great, but the company and people behind it are great. I suggest that once you’ve finished this final sentence, that you head on over to their website, and place yourself an order. I have placed a link at the bottom of the page for ease of access.

I thank you very much for taking the time to read this review. I hope it was informative and helpful in your search for a Herbal Incense that you find fitting. Feel free to comment,  I will always allows comments to be made on my reviews. Whether you were pleased, displeased, or anything else, do let me know!

-Ryan, 5/7/2012

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